Japanese Short Broom


60 x 32cm

Rice Straw

Made in Japan


In stock

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Simple and compact to handle, this classic Japanese broom, Wabouki (和ぼうき), carries functionality and durability. The stiffness of the broom reduces the strain on the wrist and makes the daily sweeping routine easier. And the soft end is gentle and easy to control to catch small dust.


Handcrafted in Tochigi prefecture of Japan, this broom is made of natural rice straw (broomcorn) without the use of colouring or bleaching. No handle attached, this broom is a little shorter and can be used effortlessly with one hand. The more you use it, the softer it’ll become and the more it will fit in your hands. If the bristles become too soft over years of use, you can trim the ends to freshen up. With care, this broom can last for many years of service.

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