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Incense Burner Ash


Unscented Incense Burner Ash

Made in Japan




Ash is made of silica sand and diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is phytoplankton (diatom) that has grown over many years.
It is a natural material deposited on the bottom of the sea or lake and fossilized.


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Unscented high quality fine-grained ash for use with an incense burner. This ash can be used as an excellent medium to hold incense sticks (and coils or cones) in a vessel, and keep the incense burning until the end safely.


There are many beneficial reasons for using ash as an alternative incense holder if you enjoy incense frequently at home.


1. It’s safe and easy to use.

With ash, you can stand or lay a stick-type incense (or coil or corn type) directly on the ash. It also has the role of preventing the embers from scattering and the incense from falling over. Before you go out, burn incense with peace of mind and when you come back, let’s relax your body with the elegant lingering scent from the incense in your house.


2. No waste.

Have you ever experienced that when you burn incense sticks, there is incense that does not burn out in the incense holder, making it difficult to clean? If you use incense ash, everything will burn up till the end safely without leaving any left over.


3. No need to clean up.

Burner ash allows you to collect burning incense without clean up. The burned incense will turn into ash in its vessel, so stir the ash occasionally.


4. Enjoy your own style.

Please put the burner ash on your favourite vessel (bowl or cup). It will be a part of your beautiful interior at home or office. (Note: Please be aware that thin glass may break. Please enjoy it in a nonflammable container such as ceramic or metal.)


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