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Imono Casting Brush


Mountain Goat Hair, Bamboo, Metal

Made in Japan


  • S: L40 x W5 x H1.3cm (L15,75″ x W1.97″ x H0.5″)
  • L: L41 x W7.5 x H1.3cm (L16.15″ x W2.95″ x H0.5″)


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Traditionally used during the casting process in a foundry, this brush is now an excellent cleaning tool for everyday use. Useful for cleaning small gaps, edges in shelves, keyboards, sculptures, or any delicate surfaces around the house. Beautiful hung on its own on a wall, it is a handy tool not only for dusting wooden furniture, ceramics, and small objects, but also assisting you in your precious arts & crafts practices.


Handmade in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan, the brush uses mountain goat hair that is carefully wrapped in black iron binding. The goat hair is extremely soft and catches tiny dust quickly and effortlessly. The long skinny handle is made of strong but lightweight bamboo, which makes it easy to control the brush between small, deep gaps.


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