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Tsuitsui’s Standard




104 pages

175mm × 265mm

Written in Japanese and English.


Published: 2014.03

Direction: Homspun

Publisher: Homspun


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Tsuitsui’s Standard 筒井さんの子ども服

This is a beautiful visual collection of adorable and nostalgic children’s clothing created between the late 1960s and the 1980s by Kikue Tsutsui along with pictures of memories and small texts. 

From the 1960s to the 1980s, until Japan entered the period of high economic miracle and the next stage, the bubble economy, Kikue Tsutsui continued to make clothes for her children. Small floral patterns, colourful linings and original colour combinations not found in off-the-shelf products… As a mother of two daughters and one son, Kikue Tsutsui has made more than 100 clothes for her children by herself, and has stored them carefully for 30 years without having them disposed of even after her children grew up and left the nest. Evocative of the life history of the Showa era in Japan, tender memories accompany each charming piece, warmly made by hand with love.


This book is published by HOMSPUN, a clothing brand that resonates with Tsutsui’s work, with loving editing and beautiful book design. Designs that are passed down in this way are not limited to high fashion and designers, but can be enjoyed universally.

(Written in Japanese and English.)


Since 2000 

Tokyo, Japan

* * *


“You can wear it anytime,  you can wear it all the time”

Initiated by three college classmates in 2000, the brilliant Japanese clothing company HOMSPUN began with only the modest goal of creating quality handmade garments for themselves and for friends.

The brand concept is simple, effortless, and ageless. They cherish the texture of the material and let it become a part of her/his own style while wearing. Their products are comfortable to wear, yet there’s always something special in every subtle detail. 

Perfect wear for those who enjoy simplicity with quality in design, and appreciate natural pleasure in everyday life.


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