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Fresco 1.9M Glass Bowl – Green



Handblown Glass

Made in Japan


⌀12cm x H 8cm (⌀4.7″ x H3.14″) / 300mL


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Entirely handblown in Osaka, Japan, Fresco creates reliable and purposeful glass products designed to encourage new relationships between the user and their environment, with the belief that each item will become an extension of the users own expression. Just as water only becomes visible when light reflects on it, so does Fresco glassware, creating an aura in the air by reflecting the light, revealing its true colours, and peacefully making itself known in a given space.

The 1.9M bowl features a delicate yet sturdy base, creating a uniquely beautiful silhouette that can be used for eating or for displaying items such as flowers, snacks, jewellery, and more. Inspired by the stone garden of the Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto, the 1.9M glassware line carefully considers the relationship between the outside and the inside. The earthen wall of the Ryoanji Temple is designed at the perfect height so that when a person sits on the pedestal and looks straight at it, the boundary between the wall and the scenery outside comes to exactly that height. Just like the glassware, the stone garden is the “vessel” that connects the inner and outer environments.

The creamy neutral exterior of the glass is complemented by the deep, saturated green interior.


*Please note:

Because the raw materials of coloured glass are made of natural minerals, colours do not come out the same every time. Please expect to see variations in colour from the items pictured.

Please hand wash. Handle with care and avoid strong physical shocks.

Don’t expose to extreme temperature changes in microwave or dishwasher. 


Since 2005

Osaka, Japan

* * *

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial glass art, Fresco was launched in 2005.

Fresco artists focus vital importance on combining the brand’s credibility and uniqueness within their handmade products. They suggest the various possibilities the glassware can offer in our modern living environment. The goal through is to not only complete this suggestion by making the products, but to always unite the design within its imagined space.

“In other words, our goal is to work as a dynamic team, and to suggest a space for our products.”

Fresco items are entirely handmade. Every single piece of glass comes with unique quality. Collectors can choose each product using their own sensitivity.

In the modern world, when one chooses something, it almost becomes an act of his/her own creative expression. When their creation and this collector’s expression meet, Fresco believes that a new relationship can be discovered. This moment is what they value the most. 


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