Foodscape We are what we eat


168 pages


Written in Japanese and English.


Published: 2016.10

Direction: Arts Maebashi

Publisher: Anonima Studio


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Foodscape We are what we eat フードスケープ – 私たちは食べものでできている

Enjoy various perspectives on food with Foodscape, a concept book for the 2016/17 exhibition of the same name, held at the Arts Maebashi museum in Maebashi, Japan. Focusing on the works of the exhibitors, texts and manuscripts are classified into six categories: Nature, Society, Culture, Transformation, Body and Take In. Pages consist of expert commentary, texts and visuals of various books, a chronological timeline related to food and much more. 


Prepare to expand your conception of food, stimulate your imagination, and come away with a whole new perception of “foodscape.”

(Includes Japanese and English text.)



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