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Copper Coaster



Made in Japan


⌀ 8.7 x H0.3cm



These beautiful copper coasters feature a minimalist composition made with a “spinning” technique. The slim design allows for easy stacking and space-saving storage, but you will not want to keep these hidden away.

Excellent to use as an incense holder dish (works well for a stick or coli form), as a tray for small items like keys or jewelry, or enjoy the elegance that brings in its traditional role as a glass coaster.  When a glass is placed on top, the dynamic colour of the copper creates beautiful reflections throughout the liquid, bringing a joyful expression to your drinks that you will want to share with all your friends and family.


About the brand:

eN is a product brand from Asano Geijutsu that focuses on functional aesthetics for things related to daily life. Working from a concept of “a place to create new value”, eN cherishes tactile senses and creates products with textures that will change and grow more comfortable in your home over time. Every product is born from function and made to blend into our daily lives with a unique perspective on materials.



Copper has high antibacterial & antimicrobial properties making it a suitable material for teaware and many other cookware such as pots and kettles. When copper products are intentionally left uncoated, they are open to copper’s natural chemical oxidation. The finish & colour will transform over time to a stunningly deep rust-like patina, a process accelerated by extended handling and use.

Clean & polish:

To clean, please dry wipe using a soft cloth as much as possible. Cleaning will help a more beautiful and gentle ageing process over time.

Dry well to prevent water spots. Although spots or darkening gradually becomes a part of its character, if you are concerned about dirt, please lightly polish with a sponge using gentle detergent or polish. Please note that polishing too hard may cause scratches or discolouration on the surface.

How to polish rust:

Green rust on copper is part of its rich patina and is harmless. However, if you want to remove it, polish it with vinegar or a paste made by mixing hot water and baking soda on a thin cotton cloth. Copper dislikes salt, acidity, and moisture, so work quickly only on areas with developed patina.


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