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Made in Japan


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The world’s first retractable and erasable multicoloured gel ink pen. Choose between blue, black and red ink, and easily erase any mistakes with no wear or tear to the paper and no erasure crumbs left behind. The heat generated by friction causes the unique thermo-sensitive gel ink to become clear so the words disappear completely from the page. Manufactured by Pilot.


Ink refills are available separately for use with the CDT Frixtion Ball 3 erasable pen. Comes in a pack of three. Available in blue, black, red or multicoloured (blue, black and red). Manufactured by Pilot.


Tokyo, Japan

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Born out of a desire to communicate the Japanese essence of “practical beauty” for workspaces and schools, Craft Design Technology (CDT) is on a mission to change the identity of standard stationery through the marriage of traditional craft with technological innovation. Forming an alliance with established stationery manufacturers in Japan, CDT creates new products that harmonize “Craft”, “Design” and “Technology” in a way that brings new values of design quality to essential everyday objects.

Key elements of their designs include the use of traditional Japanese colours, as well as an original graphic pattern based off of the sturdy braided rope stitches from the Edo Period called “sanada-himo”. Another key element of their product design is the thoughtful use of angles, with each item inspired by the “golden ratio” found in natural objects or the “silver ratio” of beautifully designed artifacts. 

Why did they choose to begin with stationery? CDT believes that when you change your stationery, your whole desktop transforms. And when other people start to focus on the details, the entire office space is transformed.



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