Cork Building Blocks – 20pcs

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Set of 20 pieces



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Lightweight, safe, and fun.

Since its first creation in 1931, these Cork Building Bocks have been loved by children and parents alike, from generation to generation as a “building block that enhances children’s creative power”.

Cork has better-cushioning properties than the harder wood products normally used in building blocks, and it is much lighter, making them safer for use and easier to store.

The texture of the natural oak wood cork is soft and smooth, easy for children to grasp with small hands.

Every corner of each building block is chamfered creating minimum impact and sound when the blocks collapse or drop to the floor.


Made from large, high quality grinding chips of Portuguese oak cork bark, the material used in the Cork Building Blocks is entirely eco-friendly.

The lifespan of the oak tree is about 150 to 200 years. The harvested bark of the cork oak regenerates in 8 to 10 years. During the tree’s life cycle, it can be harvested every few years without ever cutting down the trees.

With its bark harvested, the Portuguese oak trees are said to absorb about three times as much carbon dioxide as regular trees.

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