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Breakfast Book


152 pages


Written in Japanese.


Published: 2019.09

Author: Ai Hosokawa

Publisher: Anonima Studio


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Breakfast Book 朝食の本

This is a book that expands the concept of breakfast, with recipes inspired by destinations such as Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. The intention is to love breakfast at home just as you would when travelling. 

Experience the changing colours and scents that can only be found when you leave home; experiences that can only be felt in certain parts of the world, in certain seasons of the year. Enjoy 77 breakfast items, 7 journey essays, and recipes that bring the richness of each season’s garden to life. (Written only in Japanese.)



About author: Ai Hosokawa

Born in 1972, Ai Hosokawa began cooking in her 20’s in Italy, where she became fascinated by the simple daily meals backed by the history and ingredients of the land. Now based in Kumamoto, Japan, Hosokawa regularly holds cooking classes and parties both inside and outside of Japan, with her world travels greatly influencing her style and tastes.


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