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Brass Kenzan – Round



Brass spike / Lead stand / Rubber cover

Made in Japan


XS : Φ3.6 x 18cm

S : Φ4.6 x 1.8cm

M : Φ6.1 x 2.1cm

L : Φ8 x 2.1cm

XL :Φ9.7 x 2.5cm


*XS and Small size do not come with a rubber cover.

*This item is not qualified for free shipping.


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The beautiful brass coloured kenzan adds a brilliant warmth to your floral arrangements. Over time and with use the brass will develop a slight tarnish, giving it a more natural and organic look. The round shape is one of the most common ones used, since many flower vases are also round in shape. Choose one with the correct dimensions for your vessel.


A kenzan (剣山), also called spiky frog, is a specific device used in the Japanese art of flower arrangement ikebana (生花) for fixing the flowers in the container. It consists of a heavy lead plate with erected brass needles where the stipes are fixed. The name kenzan (剣山) literally means sword mountainSince they come in many different sizes and shapes, it can be used with almost any vase or bowl to make beautiful floral arrangements. The needles of the Kenzan provide stable support for all types of plant stems and branches, allowing your creativity to soar without fear that your arrangements will fall over. For larger kenzan, a rubber cover is attached to the bottom so as not to damage the vessel. 

When choosing which kenzan is right for you, make sure to first measure the opening of your vessel and choose a size that is small enough. Select a shape that works with your vessel, type of flowers and arrangement design; round is most common, but many other shapes are available. Different coloured kenzan serve different purposes as well. The gold brass colour stands out a little more and can add a warm glow to your flowers. The black kenzan will serve a calm and discreet purpose in a dark colour vessel. 


Each piece is individually constructed by a skilled craftsman in Niigata prefecture, Japan, so there may be very slight variations in weight and dimensions.

This product is for fresh flowers only, please do not use it for any other purpose. The tip of the needles are very sharp and can cause injury if not handled properly. Be careful not to hurt your hands or fingers when handling your kenzan. When handling thick branches, be sure to make a notch in the stem opening first and be careful not to apply excessive force.


Proper care and storage:

  • Wash thoroughly with water, removing as much dust as possible between the needle base and the needles.
  • Make sure the water is drained sufficiently and wrap it in a soft cloth to store.
  • Keep it in a safe place, out of direct sunlight (the rubber will deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight).
  • Keep in a place where there is no risk of falling and children cannot reach it. 



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