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Babaghuri Jatamansi Shampoo & Rinse



Shampoo / Conditioner in glass bottle

Made in Japan


Φ5.6cm x H16cm



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[About Shampoo]

A refreshing shampoo made mainly from all-natural ingredients that leaves your hair silky and smooth. Jatamansi is an Ayurvedic herb that is said to strengthen hair roots have antioxidant properties which promote healthy hair growth. This formulation, containing essential oil of Jatamansi along with olive and coconut oil, will leave your hair and scalp hydrated and healthy for better hair quality and texture. Use in combination with the Jatamansi Rinse for the complete experience.

Jatamansi is grown naturally in the high altitudes of the Himalayan Plateau and gives off a unique deep scent with calming properties, creating a soothing bath or shower experience.


[About Conditioner]

Use this conditioner after washing with the Jatamansi Shampoo for beautiful clean hair. This rinse enhances the conditioning effect with moisturizing ingredients such as olive squalene and jojoba oil. These oils may harden in cold temperatures, but the heat of your shower or bath should create a pourable consistency or you can soak the bottle in warm water before using. This rinse can also be used as a hair lotion.


Please note:

When switching from conventional shampoos to natural soaps, your hair may go through an adjustment period where it feels oily or stiff and you may shed some synthetic product that has remained in your scalp. After this period, that may last one to three months, your hair and scalp will feel clean, smooth, healthier than before, and require less frequent washing.


*Should this product disagree with your skin, please discontinue use. 


water, sucrose, olive oil, coconut oil, ethanol, potassium hydroxide, sea salt, essential oil of jatamansi, citric acid, sodium citrate.



water, glycerin, olive oil, jojoba oil, xanthan gum, essential oil of jatamansi, citric acid, sodium citrate.


Since 2006, Japan

* * *

“Babaghuri” is the name of agate collected in the Gujarat region of India.

It is a brand that started by German fashion and textile designer Jurgen Lehl who had a deep passion for nature.  Since 2006, Babaghuri has been incorporating craftsmanship as an extension of Jurgen Lehl’s lifestyle that strived to provide what he wore, ate, and everything he needed to live in harmony without destroying nature and follow the path back to nature.

Babaghuri uses natural and sustainable materials like bamboo and hand-spun cotton to lessen the impact the brand has on the environment. Even after Jurgen Lehl’s death in 2014, the company continues to operate with his emphasis on the beauty and uniqueness that can only be found in hand-crafted products. In addition to clothes, Babaghuri also produces tea cultivated in Okinawa, additive-free soap, and small items such as baskets, towels, and tableware. Natural cotton is hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed with plants and vegetation, all of which emphasizes the evidence of handicrafts.


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