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Kiso Sawara Wine Cooler



Kiso sawara cypress, copper

Made in Japan

⌀18.5cm x H23cm


*Hand wash only


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Handcrafted in Nagano prefecture, only made from over 100 year-old Kiso Sawara, straight grained cypress wood, this wooden wine cooler is absolutely stunning. Functional and timeless,  with two lines of copper band, this is a simple and elegant wine cooler produced by Azmaya. Wine, champagne or sake, you can fill the bucket with ice to cool your favourite bottled drink. Just like hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood, sawara cypress has antibacterial effect and strength against moisture. Since Kiso sawara wood works as a natural insulator, this wooden bucket is hard to conduct heat. It slows for the ice cubes to melt while keeping cool in the bucket for a long time. Unlike a stainless wine cooler, the outside of the wooden bucket does not become cold or sweaty, and keeps the bottled drink at a constant temperature.

When not in use for cooling bottles, this wine cooler can also be used as an elegant vessel for other purposes such as storing fruits or arranging flowers in your home. 


Although Kiso sawara wood is durable, the wine cooler needs to be used with special care and when it is treated with good care this wine cooler will last a long time. Before use, fill the wine cooler with water and let the wood absorb water really well so that the sawara wood swells and will have higher density. This will prevent the wood from leaking water and helps getting water drops on the surface.

Kiso Sawara 木曽椹 :  kiso sawara apanese cypress

Similar to hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood, kiso sawara offers a natural antibacterial quality and is incredibly resilient against moisture accumulation. Kiso sawara has the advantage of being less likely to impart unwanted flavour onto cooked rice, making it an ideal material for food preparation tools and utensils. 


Before use, we recommend using the method “Aku-nuki” to remove “Aku”, the remaining dust particles and astringent tastes from new products.

Pour starchy rice water in and leave it for about 2-3 hours to block and prevent water leaks. Afterwards discard the rice water, wash with water, and dry fully in the shade. 


  • Wash with salt or use a Tawashi scrub brush and rinse with water along the grain. Avoid using harsh soaps and synthetic detergent.
  • Drain the water and dry it thoroughly in a well-ventilated shady place. If your product has a lid, make sure to leave the lid open when storing.
  • Avoid using in direct sunlight or excessively dry places as it may shrink the wood and cause cracks.
  • When not in use, wrap it in a thin cloth and store in a dry and well-ventilated place. 


Oil stains may appear on the surface of the wood, which is a natural resin generated from cypress and is harmless to the human body. This resin benefits the wood, containing water resistant and sterilisation properties. If you are concerned about the stickiness, it can be wiped off with rubbing alcohol.

Copper band: 

When cypress wood is exposed to direct sunlight or not in use for long periods of time, the copper band that wraps around the surface may come off due to shrinkage. Place the copper band back to its original position, then fill the product with lots of water for a while to help the wood expand again.


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Making the best use of skilled Japanese craftsmanship, Azmaya collaborates with artisans, designers, and small local manufactures to revive an old Japanese aesthetic sense.

From beautifully crafted tableware and functionally calculated kitchenware, their specialized housewares are made with a consistent commitment to using traditional techniques and only the highest quality materials found in Japan.  While respecting the traditions of Japanese craftwork, Azmaya creates something new by modifying the design to match tested Japanese “tools” with the present age. The collection features minimalist design reflecting the high level of skill and superior techniques of the artisans today.

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