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Donabe, a traditional Japanese multipurpose earthenware pot, is most often used for ‘hot pot’ cooking, soup, etc. For all seasons, the AZMAYA Donabe Rice Pot uses the ideal “Iga clay” to deliver the best solution for everyday rice preparation. Delicious and moist rice is easy to cook each and every time.

Handcrafted using traditional techniques in the city of Iga, Mie Prefecture, one of Japan’s leading producers of pottery known as Iga-ware, the AZMAYA Donabe Rice Pot benefits from the region’s uniquely rich soil texture, offering superior heat retention and breathability, making it ideal for use as a cooking tool. Azmaya has collaborated with Iga craftsmen to develop a form that demonstrates all the desirable characteristics this unique example of ceramic ware has to offer helping to deliver the highest performance rice cooking tool.

The trick to delicious rice is to keep the cooker as close to the exact temperature where the rice starch properly gelatinizes. The AZMAYA Donabe Rice Pot, due to its excellent heat retention, keeps this optimum temperature over a longer cooking period. The perfectly rounded pot, with thick clay walls, promotes a convection heat, circulating evenly around the rice as the heavy inner and outer lids apply pressure without allowing too much steam to escape. This ideal structure of the Donabe Rice Pot requires no adjustment to heat levels once the desired flame level has been achieved.


Extremely resistant to heat while reacting well to repeated firing, Iga-ware utilizes clay and natural glazes to deliver an elevated level of hardness while the pebbles in the natural material result in a beautiful character and texture.


To help lengthen the longevity of your AZMAYA Donabe Rice Pot, and to prevent the possibility of unwanted cracks forming in the clay material, it is important to prepare the rice pot using the “Medome” method before first use. This process helps to close any small air bubbles that may have formed on the surface of the clay. Please see our Care instructions for a detailed before-first-use preparation process.


It is also important to never wash your Donabe Rice Pot using cold water before the clay has had a chance to cool. Similarly, do not apply heat to your Donabe Rice Pot if the bottom is still wet from washing. Sudden temperature changes can shock the clay material resulting in serious damage.

If cared for properly, the AZMAYA Donabe Rice Pot should provide your family with many years, if not decades, of loyal use.


*Not for use on an induction cooker.

*Miyajima Rice Scoop is available separately.

*This item is not qualified for free shipping.


  • 2go (2cups): W21.5 × H15.5cm / (W26cm with handles)
  • 3go (3cups): W24 × H18cm / (W28cm with handles)



  • 2go (2cups): 3.1kg
  • 3go (3cups): 4.1kg

How to season Donabe

Please follow this step before starting to use your donabe for the first time. It’s only one-time procedure.

Since Iga-style donabe is made of porous clay, it is important to season the donabe in order to prevent it from leaking or cracking. The best and easiest way to season the donabe is to make rice porridge in it for the first time. This simple extra step makes the donabe last for many years to come.

1. Before you use, make sure the outer bottom of the donabe is totally dry.

2. Pour water to about 80% of the pot, add cooked rice (about 20%). Stir the water and rice thoroughly often and cook it with a low ~ midium-low heat until it becomes like paste.

3. Turn off the heat and let it cool down for about 1 hour.

4. Remove the rice porridge from the donabe, and rinse the donabe thoroughly.

5. Wipe off moisture and let it dry completely before using it for the first time.

*You can repeated this procedure again if you find any cracking in the bottom of the donabe or leaking after regular use.

Care instruction

・Wash with mild dish soap with lukewarm water.

・To dry, place the bottom part upside down, and let it dry completely before storing it away. This way it prevents the possible mildew to grow on the pot.

・Make sure that the bottom is dry before you set the donabe on the heat. Any moisture on the outer bottom surface could cause possible cracking when heated.

・If you find a crack on the donabe that goes to the edge or has any visible damage, stop using it immediately.

・It cannot be used with an induction cooker.


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