Copper Tea Scoop – Tin Plated



Lightweight Tin-plated Copper

Made in Japan


Available in two shapes: Pear & Rounded Flat



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Known as Chasaji, Japanese tea scoops are used to measure and transfer loose tea leaves into your teapot. 

An ideal pairing with AZMAYA’s Copper Tea Canisters, these sublimely shaped tin-plated Copper Tea Scoops are engineered for picking up the perfect measured amount of tea leaves with a single scoop, adding a satisfying and graceful touch to your daily preparation of tea.

 Available in two shapes: Pear & Rounded Flat.

Made from sculpted copper and plated with lightweight tin.


L 7.0cm x W 3.4cm


Pear Shaped:

L 8.9cm x W 4.4cm

Gently hand wash and dry thoroughly.


Since 1997


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Making the best use of skilled Japanese craftsmanship, Azmaya collaborates with artisans, designers, and small local manufactures to revive an old Japanese aesthetic sense.

From beautifully crafted tableware and functionally calculated kitchenware, their specialized housewares are made with a consistent commitment to using traditional techniques and only the highest quality materials found in Japan.   

While respecting the traditions of Japanese craftwork, Azmaya creates something new by modifying the design to match tested Japanese “tools” with the present age. The collection features minimalist design reflecting the high level of skill and superior techniques of the artisans today.

Easy to use, made to last. Our new standard in everyday life.



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