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Copper Tea Canister




Made in Japan


S: ⌀7.3 × H 6.3cm (2.9″ x 2.5″) / 175mL

M: ⌀8 × H 9.5cm (3.1″ x 3.7″) / 325mL

L: ⌀9 × H 11.8cm (3.5″ x 4.6″) / 525mL


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The airtight construction of the Azmaya Copper Tea Canister, along with its incredible precisely fitting inner lid, help protect tea leaves from humidity and moisture, enhancing the freshness, flavour, & scent of its contents by preventing them from drying out over longer periods of storage time. In addition to tea, the canisters are useful for storing many other impermanent products such as spices, grains, or coffee.

Known for its high antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, which is ideal for tea storage, each 100% copper canister is crafted as a seamless tube using a single plate rolled out evenly as an integral form, then coated in a protective layer of wax which gradually wears away as the surface develops its characteristically rich patina over time.

There are also two options of matching Copper Tea Scoops that are engineered for picking up the perfect measured amount of tea leaves with a single scoop, adding a satisfying and graceful touch to your daily preparation of tea.


Tea canisters are available in two finishes: 

Copper Tea Canisters are intentionally left uncoated: open to copper’s natural chemical oxidation. The finish & colour will transform over time to a stunningly deep rust-like patina, a process accelerated by extended handling and use.

Silver Tea Canisters are tin plated over the base copper, helping in preventing the otherwise inevitable chemical oxidation of the more vulnerable metal now well shielded underneath. The tin-plated texture gradually transitions from a high shine to a deeper silver over time, a process also accelerated by extended handling and use.

Copperware 銅器

Copper has high antibacterial & antimicrobial properties making it a suitable material for teaware and many other cookware such as pots and kettles. When copper products are intentionally left uncoated, they are open to copper’s natural chemical oxidation. The finish & colour will transform over time to a stunningly deep rust-like patina, a process accelerated by extended handling and use.


Clean & polish:

To clean, please dry wipe using a soft cloth as much as possible. Cleaning will help a more beautiful and gentle ageing process over time.

Dry well to prevent water spots. Although spots or darkening gradually becomes a part of its character, if you are concerned about dirt, please lightly polish with a sponge using gentle detergent or polish. Please note that polishing too hard may cause scratches or discolouration on the surface.


How to polish rust:

Green rust on copper is part of its rich patina and is harmless. However, if you want to remove it, polish it with vinegar or a paste made by mixing hot water and baking soda on a thin cotton cloth. Copper dislikes salt, acidity, and moisture, so work quickly only on areas with developed patina.


Since 1997


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Making the best use of skilled Japanese craftsmanship, Azmaya collaborates with artisans, designers, and small local manufactures to revive an old Japanese aesthetic sense.

From beautifully crafted tableware and functionally calculated kitchenware, their specialized housewares are made with a consistent commitment to using traditional techniques and only the highest quality materials found in Japan.  While respecting the traditions of Japanese craftwork, Azmaya creates something new by modifying the design to match tested Japanese “tools” with the present age. The collection features minimalist design reflecting the high level of skill and superior techniques of the artisans today.

Easy to use, made to last. Our new standard in everyday life.


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