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Bamboo Shoe Horn




Made in Japan

L76 x W3.8cm (bottom)


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This shoehorn is made in collaboration with Kagebayashi Shoten, in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture; a region of Japan with a great history of traditional bamboo crafting. The individual spots or scratches seen in the finished product are a result of natural exposure of the bamboo to wind and rain, and serve to add a special uniqueness to each piece. 


Light and sturdy, the shoehorn is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and be easy to use.

The longer length (76cm / 30″) allows it to be operated from a standing position, making it a fitting gift for the elderly as well as any others who may seek for effortless experience when putting the shoes on. Using a shoehorn regularly will also help to preserve the heels of your shoes, allowing you to enjoy your favourite pairs for longer!


*Since it is made by hand using natural materials, there are individual differences in shape, color and size.

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Making the best use of skilled Japanese craftsmanship, Azmaya collaborates with artisans, designers, and small local manufactures to revive an old Japanese aesthetic sense.

From beautifully crafted tableware and functionally calculated kitchenware, their specialized housewares are made with a consistent commitment to using traditional techniques and only the highest quality materials found in Japan.  While respecting the traditions of Japanese craftwork, Azmaya creates something new by modifying the design to match tested Japanese “tools” with the present age. The collection features minimalist design reflecting the high level of skill and superior techniques of the artisans today.

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