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Antique Sukkara Spoon



Antique from Korea, Hand-polished in Japan


4.5-5cm × 20-22cm (1.8-2.0″ x 7.8-8.7″)


*Because it is an antique item, each expresses the unique patina with markings, shapes, and sizes. Please enjoy it as one of a kind beauty.

*Please hand wash.


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A brass spoon with a long skinny handle and a round scoop. These are antique hand-hammered spoons from Korea that are carefully hand-polished by hand one-by-one in Japan. Featuring slightly different markings and shapes on each piece, the patina on each spoon is unique and something to admire.

“Sukkara”, which translates to spoon in Korean, became an indispensable part of traditional Korean cuisine, and they are still widely used in daily use today. The long handle, shallow bottom, and wide scoop make it very easy for both eating and cooking in the kitchen. Not only for Korean dishes such as sundubu, but also ideal for curry and risotto. The elegant silhouette will also look beautiful and useful as a serving spoon for any dining situations. 


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