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Akebi Vine Trivet


Akebi (akebia quinata) Vine

Made in Japan


  • S: ⌀12cm (4.7″)
  • M: ⌀15cm (5.9″)
  • L: ⌀18cm (7.1″)
  • XL: ⌀22cm (8.7″)


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These trivets are beautifully handcrafted with akebi vine (akebia quinata) which is a wild plant native to the Tohoku north region of Japan. The akebi plant produces small clusters of flowers during spring and bearing fruit in autumn. Before the vines are processed, they must be dried for at least a whole year. The amount of akebi vine harvested in Japan is decreasing year by year making them very valuable. The vines are handwoven by the few artisans left today in Japan using traditional tie and knot techniques which are then made into items such as baskets and trivets. The finished material is known for its extreme hardness and durability making it an excellent natural product as a trivet for a table top. Thin, lightweight and very strong, this is a great trivet with the timeless design that will add a touch of nature into your home setting. 


The smaller sizes are perfect as coasters or tea pot stands. Larger ones are recommended for kettles or cooking pots. We also enjoy using the large one as a charming serving tray for fruits, bread, and other snacks.


Note: Slight variation in colour can be found in each product due to the natural-material characteristics.


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