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Akebi Single Handle Basket


Akebia Vine

Made in Japan


D18 x W35 x H37cm / Handle H16cm

(D7.1″ x W13.8″ x H14.6″ / Handle H6.3″)

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Entirely made of wild akebia vine (Akebia Quinata, also known as chocolate vine), this basket is lightweight yet very strong. Its minimal design features a slim oval shape with an elegantly arched single handle. Stunningly handwoven one by one by the few artisans left today using high quality Aomori akebi with traditional tie and knot techniques in the Aomori prefecture.


Akebia vine is a wild plant native to the Tohoku (North) region of Japan, that produces small clusters of flowers during spring, and bearing fruit in autumn. Before the vines are processed, they must be dried for at least a year and the amount of akebi vines harvested is decreasing year by year making them very valuable. The basket artisans use only the local akebia vines. Fresh wild vines are collected from summer to autumn, left to dry completely up to two years, and then being soaked in water for a day or two just before craftsmen start knitting. The finished material is known for its extreme hardness and durability making it an excellent basket. It is extremely hard work, a lot of time and human handwork goes into collecting vines to completing each basket. When you pick up a well-made Akebi basket, you can feel the high skill of the craftsmen in your hand.


Because of its strength and durability, the basket can be used for a variety of purposes. This oval size is ideal for everyday: taking your office items (fits a 12″ laptop), magazines, notebooks, files, etc. Even a wine bottle fits in it easily, making it a great picnic companion that you can gather flowers to bring home in. At home, it can be an appealing storage solution, for items such as magazines/newspapers, slippers, or your current sewing project. Fit a jar inside to arrange beautiful fresh or dried flowers with it to place in your home. 

Akebi basket becomes glossier over time and use, creating rich patina as the years go by. If you use it carefully, it will last a lifetime.


Due to the nature of the material, you may notice uneven colour, cracks, or thorns. These are not defects.


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