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Agezaru Bamboo Basket


L38.5 x W35 x H12.8cm

Bamboo, Stainless Steel Wire

Made in Japan


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Handmade in Toyama Prefecture, an important cultural area known for its handcrafted techniques in Japan, this basket functions beautifully as a helpful food preparation tool.

The main feature is the open mouth, which becomes useful when washing and draining rice, beans, and other grains. In fact, this basket has been a staple item in commercial rice cultivation for many years, working as the ideal object for washing and transferring quantities of rice.


The knitted body, made from sturdy Hachiku bamboo, acts as a colander and allows water to drain through while still keeping small grains safe inside the basket. The edges are fastened with a stainless steel wire, and you can easily hang the basket from the mouth in order to dry after use. This item should be dried thoroughly in a shaded, well-ventilated area after each use to prevent mold from forming. 


Each basket is handmade by skilled craftsmen, using natural materials. There may be slight variations in colour, texture, or shape as a result, and the basket you receive may not be exactly as pictured. Every piece is one of a kind and it is exactly one of the unique benefits of purchasing a handmade crafts. 


Living within Tradition

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