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May 13, 2019 | Features

UCHINO Super Marshmallow Towel – Beige

Like its name, this towel is even lighter than it looks and so soft you’d think it might melt. 

The miracle towel “Super Marshmallow” combines softness like marshmallows.  Made exclusively with the high-quality Grade 1 Xinjian extra-long staple cotton, this superior cotton is spun into superfine 60-count yearn. The fabric adheres closely to the skin for outstanding water absorbency (1 second) and wiping capability.

Uchino also insisted on combing the cotton when spinning the yarn to remove short fibres. Every towel feels astonishingly fluffy yet it has minimum fluff falls. 

Superb softness and lightness like feathers.

Also, excellent for babies and sensitive skin.

Cotton 100%

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