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Aug 11, 2018 | Features

A beautiful selection of silkscreen postcards is available for purchase during our Summer Pop Up Shop.

* * *

In Japan, “Shochu-Mimai (early Summer) or “Zansho-Mimai (late Summer) greeting cards are sent to friends and acquaintances as summer greetings to wish them good health during the harsh and tough summer.

The custom of exchanging Summer greeting cards has developed instead of sending gifts since the Japanese postal service had improved.

Often those cards have a design of water, goldfish, flowers or beaches to evoke thoughts of coolness.

* * *

It’s always a nice surprise to find a postcard with a handwritten message from someone in your mailbox.

A traditional way of sending messages might not be instant, but it will arrive like a fresh breeze and definitely make someone’s day a lot happier!

Silkscreen Seasonal Postcards available from $3 each.

Made in Japan

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