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Oval Boxes – Masashi Ifuji

May 1, 2020 | Features

With a spiritual inspiration, and made by hand using time-honoured methods of 18th century colonial American Shaker communities, the deep rooted form meets function philosophy of these Ifuji Oval Boxes results in an essential object for everyday positive living.


The Shakers originally used the oval boxes to store sewing supplies & dried goods. Nowadays, the beautiful curved shape offers an ideal vessel for display in home or office, allowing you to store treasured essential items in plain sight.


Japanese craftsman & designer Masashi Ifuji specializes in creating simple but functional wooden objects, utilizing traditional techniques and minimal forms. Based out of Matsumoto, Nagano, Ifuji is best known for his clean and precise design approach allowing users to appreciate the moments of stillness found in daily life; offering a small piece of calm retreat amid our busy day to day.


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