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Newsletter – August 2022

Aug 25, 2022 | Newsletter

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Hello friends,

Our team has put together a seasonal newsletter to provide you shop news, inspiration & culture as we move through the seasons together. With Labour Day approaching, we are noticing a shift in our focus and the atmosphere around us slowly quieting…

Let’s all enjoy the remaining moments of summer!

Shop News

New IG account

We apologize for our recent online absence. Our original @itsumolife Instagram account has been compromised. The library of images and product information that we had built over the past 5+ years was entirely lost.

As we make every effort to recover our contents, we have decided to start a fresh Instagram account, @itsumolifestyle , so as to keep in contact with you.

Thank you kindly for your patience. Please let us know if you have been hoping to contact us through social media.

We hope you will continue to follow and look forward to sharing our ITSUMO life. 



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Labour Day is on its way

Summer is wrapping up which means that the Labour Day long weekend is just around the corner. Please review our hours of operation to make sure you aren’t caught off guard.

– For online customers –

All orders received between Friday, August 26th and Monday, September 5th will experience a bit of delay in processing due to the holiday hour operation. Please prepare your orders ahead or contact us in advance if you are worried about the shipping time.

– Shop Hours –

Open Tuesday – Saturday: 12 ~ 6pm
Open Sunday: 12 ~ 5pm
Closed Mondays


* We will be closed Monday Aug 29th & Tuesday Aug 30th due to our annual inventory. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

itsumo shop photo-yumiko iihoshi porcemain-tableware
— Porcelain Tableware —
We are thrilled to let you know that our favourite tableware is finally back in stock! Including cups, bowls, & plates from Yumiko Iihoshi’s “ReIrabo“, “Dishes“, “Unjour”  & “Bon Voyage” collection, the popular colours and sizes are available to purchase online or in person at our physical shop in Vancouver. *We also have some exciting new items added to our collection available in-store now. 

— About Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain —

 Yumiko Iihoshi’s concept is to create a design that is on the boundary between handmade and conventionally manufactured products. She designs and oversees the manufacture of porcelain tableware which combines the use of molds for uniformity, with hand glazing by artisans, to ensure each piece has a sense of individuality. 

All products are crafted in Japan. Each ceramic glaze and shape is unique and original, taking inspiration from the functionality and pure sense of a vessel. The aesthetic forms and unique palettes are infused with a sense of nostalgia, inspiring us to reflect and reminisce about time while using it in our daily lives.

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yumiko iihoshi porcelain-unjour-yuki
yumiko iihoshi porcelain-bon voyage-plate-green

— Traditionally Handcrafted Homewares —

Our latest shipment from Azmaya includes their beautifully crafted homewares and  the return of the coveted items such as  Hinoki Bath Stool & Rice Storage Box. Whether you’re creating a relaxing space for your bath or organizing space in your kitchen, these items are made to last and will bring a touch of elegance in your everyday lifestyle.

— About Azmaya —

Making the best use of skilled Japanese craftsmanship, Azmaya collaborates with artisans, designers, and small local manufactures to revive an old Japanese aesthetic sense.

From beautifully crafted tableware and functionally calculated kitchenware, their specialized homewares are made with a consistent commitment to using traditional techniques and only the highest quality materials found in Japan.   

azmaya_rice storage box
azmaya-hinoki bath stool

Seasonal Mood

24 Sekki Calendar

SHOSHO 処暑 – Lessening Heat 
August 23

At ITSUMO, we enjoy exploring culture and seasonal observations using 24 sekki solar calendar. Also known as “small season”, 24 sekki doesn’t use dates to mark seasons, but instead, it divides up the year by natural phenomena. Thinking in 24 sekki is another way of appreciating the changes in seasons.

Today starts the micro season of Shosho (Lessening Heat). It is the time when the heat of the hottest season is over, marking the end of summer.

Although the heat still lingers during the day time, the air has been noticeably cooler in the morning and at night. A sign that Autumn is upon us, providing a sense of relief from the summer heatwave and gratefulness for moments of rainfall to bring all the dried greens back to life. It is during these times of seasonal transitions when we can feel changes the most. Whether that be in the air, within our wardrobe, or even in our personal lives like a new school term, or traveling to a new city, like nature, it is essential for growth and transition for the greater good.

For pleasantly enjoying the summer evenings, Kikka Senko Mosquito Coil will protect you from mosquitos while adding a calm scent of natural incense in the atmosphere. Ideal for your camping trip or backyard party!

kikka senkoh mosquito coil incense
Chunk ITSUMO shop dog

Thank you so much for taking the time to read ITSUMO’s newsletter!
Here is one of our shop dogs Chunk to say thank you as well. Last month he got his summer haircut, now that fall is upon us, it also means Chunk’s hair will grow out and be fluffy soon. 
Please feel free to send us your comments or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Until our next letter,

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