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Japanese Shears and Gardening Tools

Japanese Shears and Gardening Tools

Japanese Shears and Gardening Tools

Made in Tsubamesanjo


Japanese Shears and Gardening Tools

“Made in Tsubamesanjo”,  our ongoing special event held at ITSUMO this month, is featuring beautiful and functional kitchenware and home goods directly from the city of Tsubamesanjo located in Niigata prefecture. Tsubamesanjo is best known for their traditional craftsmanship and  famous for its metal processing and technological evolution.
Now as the days are getting brighter with Spring approaching, we would like to introduce some of our favourite new products available at ITSUMO.

Stunningly handcrafted by the skilled craftsmen in Tsubamesanjo using their traditional techniques and knowledge, a selection of essential Japanese tools for gardening is now available in-store and online. Highlighting from traditional Japanese bonsai shears to high quality tools for all gardening/ outdoor lovers, we hope to share inspiration and joy of working with plants, flowers, soil and the nature. Whether that be foraging on a camping trip, pruning flowers in a yard or starting a mini indoor garden at home,  these beautiful tools are truly pleasurable to use. 


Thanks to all the amazing response we’ve been getting for the event, “Made in Tsubamesanjo” will run until 

Sunday March 6th, 2022. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

279 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5T 1J7

Sentei & Ueki Gardening Scissiors

Ideal for traditional Japanese bonsai and general gardening work, these shears feature strong forged blades with razor-blade sharpness. Handmade one by one from high-carbon forged steel by skilled craftsmen at Toyama Hamono in Niigata prefecture.

About Toyama Hamono

Toymama Hamono is a traditional shears manufacturer based in Sanjo Niigata, Japan, a town famous for the craft of blacksmithery since 1861. Their methods are based on the manufacturing methods of Japanese swords (Katana) and have been hand-making secateurs and shears for almost 160 years. Toyama Hamono continues a respectful reputation throughout Japan and the world for producing excellence in gardening shears.

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Made in Tsubamesanjo

Made in Tsubamesanjo

Made in Tsubamesanjo

Made in Tsubamesanjo

– Traditional Craftsmanship –

February 01 – 28, 2022

This month of February, Itsumo presents an exciting new line of housewares from Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture. A town famous for its metal processing and technological evolution, we hope you enjoy exploring the authentic products directly from the city of Tsubamesanjo.

With the history and traditions of such manufacturing still preserved by craftsmen in this area, new advanced industrial technology continues to develop, making Tsubamesanjo homewares ideal products for the modern home, while still living within tradition.



– Shop Hours for February –

Tue ~ Sat: 12 – 6pm
Sun: 12 – 5pm
Mon: Closed

– Location –


279 East 6th Ave. Vancouver BC

*All products are available for sale in-store from Tuesday Feb 01. Online will be avaiavle the following week. 

About Tsubame-Sanjo


Tsubame and Sanjo, often referred to as “mid-prefecture,” are two cities located almost in the center of Niigata Prefecture. Tsubame-Sanjo is famous for its metal processing, but it is also a region rich in nature – thanks to the Shinano river, Japan’s longest, that runs through the region – and is known as a production center for delicious rice and fruits. Its fertile land has long contributed to a harvest of agricultural products and prosperity.

The tradition of metal fabrication in these two towns dates back over 400 years to the Edo period (1603-1867), with the manufacturing of metal nails marking a turning point in Japan’s industrial revolution. Since then, Tsubame-Sanjo has become one of the world’s leading technological zones, continuously developing new ways to improve and evolve industrial technologies to meet new challenges amid changing times. But time-honoured techniques of the past are not forgotten. Some traditional industries, such as Tsuiki copperware and forging, are still passed down in an unbroken line from generation to generation, while simultaneously embracing present-day lifestyles with contemporary metal products and tools that no modern household can do without. In this way, the manufacturing tradition of Tsubame-Sanjo continues to evolve.

“Tsubame and Sanjo – two manufacturing towns where the history and traditions of industrial live on. By continually facing new challenges, our craftsmen have acquired more advanced techniques, to ensure that these manufacturing towns never stop evolving.”


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Ha Plates 葉皿 – Joji Fukushima Feature Sale 2021

Ha Plates 葉皿 – Joji Fukushima Feature Sale 2021

ITSUMO is pleased to have another opportunity to invite Vancouver based artist Joji Fukushima for his final exclusive sale featuring his hand-crafted wooden plates “Ha Plates 葉皿”.

In response to last year’s “Ike いけ” exhibition by Joji Fukushima, we’re excited to announce another special sale featuring his body of work exclusively available at ITSUMO. With a limited amount of completely hand crafted plates from start to finish, Hazara 葉皿 (leaf-plate) breathes second life into leftover lumber. Individually unique and food safe, each plate is repurposed fromoff-cut thin pieces of bowed and cupped wooden planks, normally considered undesirable within the aspect of his woodworking. The hiragana word “は” (ha = leaf) has been carved on the bottom of each plate, which, instead of stamping his name, is his way of  trademarking the series of his conceptualized work. Appreciating the beauty of the material’s imperfections, Joji Fukushima carries the wabi sabi ideology of embracing their natural state and finding joy from the potential of their becoming.

Ha Plates 葉皿 – Joji Fukushima Feature Sale

Starting from
Saturday December 11, 2021


ITSUMO | 279 East 6th Ave. Vancouver, BC

[Shop Hours]
Tue – Sat: 12:00 – 18:00
Sun: 12:00 – 17:00
Mon: Closed

“ha” plates

For a while, I did not know what to do with thin pieces of bowed and cupped wood planks. They mostly come from re-sawing processes of cutting thick pieces of lumber into somewhat close to desired sizes. Dealing with off-cut is an inevitable aspect of wood working. Some of them are useful because they are straight enough… so I saw the bent and bowed pieces not so useful as I could not find any use for them. However, I eventually was able to get away from controlling focused woodworking practices. Then I started to see the joy in working with what they are, which led me to make ha plates series.

– Joji Fukushima

About Joji Fukushima

Born in Japan, Joji Fukushima came to Canada as a teenager and up until now has operated a/i studio, a multi-disciplinary workshop providing design and fabrication services located in Vancouver, BC. His wooden furniture designs are a combination of simplicity and thoughtful functionality and are often born out of everyday necessity and the idea of adapting objects to suit individual needs. His connection to the materials is evident, regularly using offcuts of wood to minimize waste and change the way we view and interact with seemingly basic items.

a/i studio: www.i-divides-a.com

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to experience a sense of discovery of Joji Fukushima’s legacy in BC. As a final farewell, we are honoured to be presenting “Ha Plates 葉皿” at ITSUMO to celebrate the end of a chapter before he moves back to Japan at the end of 2021. Almost as if Fukushima himself will be leaving us a trail of shedding leaves, making room for new growth to breathe new life on his next journey.

Summer Pop-up – Sukui on Bowen Island

Summer Pop-up – Sukui on Bowen Island

Summer Pop-up – Sukui on Bowen Island

Itsumo summer pop-up at Miki Tanaka Jewelry - Sukui on Bowen Island

すくい Sukui on Bowen Island

Summer Pop Up at MIKI TANAKA jewelry
585 Prometheus Place, Bowen Island, BC
(Lower Artisan Square)

2021 August 12th Thursday – 22nd Sunday
Open everyday 10am – 4pm

Sukui (to scoop)

Following up on their 2019 “Meguri – the miracle of chance encounters” pop-up collaboration, Miki Tanaka Jewelry and ITSUMO will come together once more for a pop-up event on Bowen Island. This year’s theme is Sukui すくい , a Japanese expression which means “to scoop”.

Humans have used the action of scooping since ancient times in order to transfer just the right amount of substance from one vessel to another. Often, your own two hands can serve as the perfect tool, functioning as a natural measuring device for the ideal amount of whatever it is you might desire. This idea of scooping up and carrying with you just enough of what you need drives the theme behind this year’s pop-up collaboration. Take only what you require, and let the excess drop away.

Featuring a curated selection of products from both ITSUMO and Miki Tanaka, the pop-up shop will be held at Miki Tanaka’s Artisan Square atelier on Bowen Island, from August 12th to 22nd. There will be handcrafted home products, including one-of-a-kind antiques from Japan, along with a line of handmade objects by Miki Tanaka, produced exclusively for this event. Many of these unique pieces will only be available for purchase during the Sukui pop-up.

We hope to see you there.

About Miki Tanaka

Originally from Izu Peninsula, Japan, Miki Tanaka made the journey to North America at the age of 20 to study painting and metal smithing at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Soon after, she moved to New York city and completed her studies at Cooper Union and Parsons School of Design. It was in New York in 2001, she started Miki Tanaka Jewelry and began selling it in emerging stores in NYC and across the world. In 2017, Miki and her husband Bob opened the studio/gallery on Bowen Island, BC, where she continues to develop her unique organic precision style as a jewelry designer and metalsmith. She enjoys finding the perfect visual balance and loves to discover patterns while she creates these unique jewelry forms. To ensure that each piece meets highest quality standards, she considers the longevity of her products and carefully selects her pure materials while making each piece by hand.


Take pleasure in an unhurried lifestyle and reconnect with useful objects made and meant for daily enjoyment.

Based in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC, ITSUMO carries a selection of Japanese goods and crafts that celebrate the quiet joy of everyday life. Focusing on three core elements – 衣食住 Dress, Eat, Dwell – ITSUMO seeks out beautiful, yet essential tools for living, made by hand and crafted from natural elements, often using centuries-old traditional Japanese techniques. “Itsumo”

is the Japanese word for always, everyday, continuously and forever; and each product carries with it, both the history of its craft and the potential for a lifetime of use.

IKE | いけ  Joji Fukushima Exhibition

IKE | いけ Joji Fukushima Exhibition

IKE | いけ Joji Fukushima Exhibition

IKE by Joji Fukushima Exhibition at ITSUMO 2020

An exploration of the connection between ponds and vessels.

ITSUMO is pleased to invite Vancouver based artist Joji Fukushima for an exclusive event featuring his handcrafted wooden products.

Comprised of over one hundred wooden bowls, cups and plates, Ike exhibition explores the connections between two familiar objects: ponds and vessels. In combination, the unique pieces gathered on the presentation platform evoke a landscape, inspired by the essence of a pond. Within this moment of organization, Fukushima invites viewers to explore a juxtaposition of two previously unrelated entities. 

Each vessel is numbered and etched with the Japanese word “ike” (pond); a reminder of Fukushima’s ongoing exploration of the hidden connections found between similar yet divergent forms; parallels, often experienced in life, which Fukushima finds useful as a means of understanding  that help guide a sensible evolution of culture.

IKE | いけ Joji Fukushima Exhibition

Thursday October 22 – December 2020

279 East 6th Ave. Vancouver, BC

Wed – Sat: 12:00 – 18:00
Sun: 12:00 – 17:00
Mon & Tue: By Appointment


◉ All exhibiting items available for sale.


Joji Fukushima

Born in Japan, Joji Fukushima came to Canada as a teenager and now operates a/i studio, a multi disciplinary workshop providing design and fabrication services.


His wooden furniture designs are a combination of simplicity and thoughtful functionality, and are often born out of everyday necessity and the idea of adapting objects to suit individual needs.
His connection to the materials is evident, regularly using offcuts of wood to minimize waste and change the way we view and interact with seemingly basic items.  a/i studio is currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
a/i studio
Meguri on Bowen : Pop Up at Miki Tanaka Jewelry

Meguri on Bowen : Pop Up at Miki Tanaka Jewelry

Meguri on Bowen : Pop Up at Miki Tanaka Jewelry

We are excited to announce our ITSUMO seasonal Pop Up is back, this time on Bowen Island at jewelry designer Miki Tanaka’s beautiful atelier.

From August 8 – 18th, ITSUMO will be bringing a curated selection of Japanese glassware, tableware, vintage items and other household goods to Miki Tanaka’s jewelry atelier/gallery located in Artisan Square on Bowen Island, BC.

* * *

MEGURI – the miracle of chance encounters

Please join us in celebrating the Summer season and a unique spiritual connection between Miki Tanaka Jewelry & ITSUMO.

Lifestyle Pop Up Shop

2019. 08.08 Thu – 08.18 Sun
Open 10am – 5pm

585 Prometheus Place, Bowen Island, British Columbia
(lower Artisan Square) 

MEGURI – the miracle of chance encounters

When the sun and moon happen to meet in the sky, a magical eclipse occurs; a special and beautiful instant in time is created by a momentary connection, a chance encounter at just the right moment between two entities following their own paths. 

This idea that chance encounters carry with them endless potential for joyful occasions, fortuitous connections and happy accidents is what led to the partnership between Miki Tanaka x ITSUMO.


Miki Tanaka jewelry presents a perfect compliment to the ITSUMO philosophy of cherishing people and objects that will endure through time.

The timeless nature of her designs make each piece ideal for passing down through generations, with carefully selected raw materials delicately hand finished to the highest quality.

After 18 years in New York, where she created her line in 2001, Miki now handcrafts her elegant metal jewelry out of her studio on Bowen Island, BC.


ITSUMO lifestyle goods present a perfect compliment to the high quality and delicate craftsmanship of Miki Tanaka jewelry. 

With a belief in products that are made by hand and from the heart, ITSUMO celebrates the quiet joy in daily routines with Japanese goods and crafts that become your essential tools for everyday life. Take pleasure in slowing down with items that are as beautiful as they are functional, and rediscover an essential connection to your home.




Thank you so much!

Always nice to come back to the lovely neighbourhood of Strathcona for our seasonal Pop-up Shop.

We would like to thank all of you who came by and shared your amazing stories, experiences, and warm celebration of the holiday season with us.

We were very lucky to have so many sunny days and the fresh winter air this time. So many cute dogs visited and entertained us every day too.

Hope all your holidays were filled with joy and happiness.

 Till next time…..






Fall / Winter Pop Up Shop

2018 November 14th Wednesday –
December 24th Monday

478 Union Street, Strathcona, Vancouver BC (Map)
Daily: 11 am – 7 pm

*November 15th Thursday & 16th Friday:
Open from 12 pm – 10 pm

The ITSUMO Pop Up Shop is back again!
This holiday season, we hope to share with you a freshly curated selection of Japanese lifestyle products while focusing on five fundamental concepts:

Handcrafted | Form & Function | Daily Ritual | Patina | A Simple Life

Along with our updated collection of vintage & antique items, we are excited to introduce new products from many of our favourite manufacturers:

We will also be featuring fresh scent selections from KUNGYOKUDO, while offering an entirely new-to-ITSUMO line of incense from Kyoto’s 200-year-old YAMADAMATSU brand.

Follow our Instagram for daily updates and product features.

If you’re in Vancouver this holiday season, please come in to say hello!

ITSUMO reflects an effort to reconnect with the joy of the everyday. The useful. The enduring.
We seek out beautiful, modest products — ones that bring quiet joy to everyday life. Honest objects created with ingenuity and a respect for tradition. Essential tools for living, crafted from natural elements.




All photos taken by Lori Kiessling



It was great to be back again in the beautiful neighborhood of Strathcona this  Summer.

So happy to be able to say hello to all our favorite customers after the long break from the previous pop-up, and it was also exciting to meet new neighbors and customers who came through our door this time.

From the moment we opened the door till the very last second when we closed the door, every day was filled with joy and happiness thanks to all of your warm support and love.

Thank you so much for stopping by, sharing your stories, and smiles.


Hope everyone had an excellent Summer.

We look forward to seeing you again at our next pop-up shop, which will open this Fall/Winter.




*Special thanks to Lori Kiessling for the beautiful photos!

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