Temporary Shipping Notice

Temporary Shipping Notice

Temporary Shipping Notice

Updated May 13th, 2021


All online orders that have been placed after Friday May 14th will be shipped out once a week every Friday (instead of every day) effective May 21st until July.

⁠We apologize for any inconveniences to our wonderful customers and appreciate your patience!⁠

If you have any concerns regarding your order or shipping schedule, please email us at info@itsumo.ca anytime, or feel free to phone 604-423-3679 during our operating hours.

Thank you.

Thankful for the New Year

Thankful for the New Year

Thankful for the New Year

IKE by Joji Fukushima Exhibition at ITSUMO 2020

Jet-lagged. Though I didn’t travel at all this year, it’s the word that may be the closest description for how I’m feeling personally as we each attempt to fly through the psychological and social turbulence of our moment in history.

A strange journey, 2020, the pandemic has caused significant shifts in our world, resulting in the many ordinary things of our daily lives being put into deeper perspective. Here in our part of the world, we feel blessed to be a part of a community that has made consistent effort and sacrifice to confront these new challenges we face, individually & collectively. Our thoughts remain with all of the families whose struggles this past year became too difficult to bear.

The invisible ink spilt all over made many vital issues and injustices visible. With the flow of polarization around us, our ways of thinking are constantly moving, becoming increasingly divided, far & close. We stand at a turning point.

Right and left, light and shadow, up and down. I think of two opposing powers like electromagnetic forces. If a new balance can be born out of these energies in opposition, a new way of thinking that challenges upwards instead of downwards, perhaps even bringing us closer as one, is this the eternal nature of our growth & evolution?

Despite all the uncertainty, there is something that I felt was definite. 2020 has forced many of us to take time to slow down, reflect and to always be thankful.


Speaking of slowing down…

We recognize this refound change in pace as an opportunity to see our business practices with a fresh frame of mind, and to find the many ways we can begin to make a more positive impact on the community around us.

2021 is a year of Ox. It is said that the year of Ox will be a year of endurance. As the Ox has long been a symbiotic animal helping humans in agriculture, we’d like to believe that working hard on what is in front of us without rushing ahead will one day lead to future prosperity.

We aspire to make 2021 a year more full of hope, to aid our community in overcoming the challenges of the time, and to wish for productive innovation and new ways of understanding to be born out of it.


Looking back on the past year, mostly, we remain tremendously grateful for all of the kind support you, our customers, our families, and our broader community have offered us. We realize our determination to think carefully about the products and services we wish to offer to you is an even deeper responsibility now more than ever.

We see your warm encouragement as a shining light to follow passionately in a straight line toward our ever evolving mission. 


Once again, thank you so much.

We wish you & all your loved ones a bright, safe & healthy start to a new year.

2020 Holiday Shipping Guide

2020 Holiday Shipping Guide

2020 Holiday Shipping Guide

ITSUMO_Slide_2020-12_Holiday shipping

2020 Holiday Shipping Guide

If you’re looking to send a gift this holiday, please check our guide (deadlines) to help you plan when to order your holiday gifts to ensure it arrives before Sunday, December 25, 2020.

At Itsumo we strive to process your order as quickly and carefully as possible. Of course, sending gifts early is the best way to avoid any issues but we cannot guarantee the delivery date. Therefore we advise all customers are responsible for ensuring orders are placed in time for your parcels arrival. If we are experiencing higher than normal volume we will reach out to let you know. 

Please find this link below to Canada Post Delivery Standard to help you take additional precautions when ordering.

[Shipping Deadlines]

Canadian Order

  • Canadian orders except British Columbia are recommended to be placed by Sunday December 6th

  • B.C orders must be placed by Sunday December 13th


U.S. Orders

  • All U.S orders must be placed by Sunday December 13th


International Orders

  • International orders must be placed by Sunday November 15th to make it for Christmas Day (Sunday, Dec 25, 2020)

Gift Wrap

We also offer complimentary gift wrapping so if you would like your item wrapped, please leave a note during checkout.

Thank you!

One Year

One Year

Just a couple of days ago, I was looking at the calendar on the wall as usual, with my eyes following our small notes, highlights, arrows… that we scribbled daily behind the desk.

At November 2nd stopped my eyes.

This day marks a special one for us as we celebrate ITSUMO’s 1st birthday at 279 E6th Ave.

One. year.

Feeling extremely fortunate to be able to share our love & passion for what we do everyday, we continue to hope provide stillness in the eye of the storm that is 2020.

As we reminisce about our pop-up shop days in the past, we cannot express enough how grateful we deeply feel in our heart every single day to our community, customers, friends & family for the amazing support.

Without every and all your support we could not have been able to make the huge leap to open up a permanent location in the city we love, Vancouver.


We would like to say thank you to everyone’s continuous support for ITSUMO. We are looking forward to sharing many exciting years to come.

The images from our photo album show a small part of our visual memories from the days we spent behind the closed doors approaching to the opening day.

Cannot explain well but this is simply why we do what we do.


National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Art by Juanasialuk Irqumia, 1964


June 21st, 2020

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, we at ITSUMO wanted to take a moment to recognize the inspiration we find daily from the cultural contribution made by First Nations artists; members of communities consistently experiencing broad forms of marginalization and limited access to justice in all regions of Canada.

Within these creative works we often perceive a spiritual connection to Japanese craft and visual art. A relationship not only of technique but also of form & line, colour & craft. We value the unfailing awareness of the sustaining grace of our natural environment and a community’s relationship to it.


Upon recent reflection we began to support community based organizations whose mandate is to help break apart intractable socioeconomic infrastructure in order to increase opportunity for Indigenous communities and build sustaining platforms for First Nations voices sharing creative work & ideas:

“Providing programs in health, welfare, social services, human rights, culture, education, recreation and equality for all genders of aboriginal people of all age groups.”

“Our hope is that all Nunavut children and youth obtain standards of living and services similar to the rest of Canada in terms of education, opportunities, health and well-being.”


“A resource for Northern artists and to reflect and support the artistic ambition and aesthetic of local and regional community organizations.”


“To empower and support Inuit artists’ self-expression and self determination, while increasing the public’s access to and awareness of artists’ work.”


“An Indigenous-led charitable organization catalyzing meaningful relationships through values-based dialogue, leadership and action.”


More info for these organizations & others can be found through the CanadaHelps.org website.

If there are other similarly focused, community based programs you feel need support, please send info to help guide us in our commitment to promote positive change in our communities.


Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

We are happy to announce that the ITSUMO Vancouver store has reopened.


With our community’s Covid guidance in mind, we have protocols in place to protect both our staff & our customers. Hand sanitizer & masks (if desired) are available upon entry and exit. 


Over the past several weeks we have taken time to listen, learn and reflect upon the institutionalized racism and unrelenting systems of oppression that persist globally, and more specifically the unacceptable circumstance here in Canada.

We acknowledge the critical & urgent importance of taking a fresh stance against all forms of police brutality, and stand ready to march in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and all marginalized lives of People of Colour.

Our team at ITSUMO would like to observe this historic moment as an opportunity to restart & rebuild with a state of mind focused on more fully educating ourselves and evolving our operation. With optimism, we support the revolution taking place, and commit to making all efforts to continue to wake up to the dire situation that has always persisted for marginalized communities.

Moving forward, we continue the challenging work towards the collective goal of creating a Safe & Just community for all People of Colour.

As we progress, we hope to continue to share more information with our community as we undertake this unlimited process of growth.


Thank you for your loyal and continued support. 

We look foward to seeing you soon.


New Hours of Operation

Thursday – Saturday: 12 – 6PM

Sun & Mon: 12 – 5PM

Tuesday & Wednesday: By Appointment

Online ordering is always available with In-Store Pick Up or Free Local Delivery*. 

(Please read more about our Local Delivery option here.)

Please contact us for booking a private appointment;

Phone: 604-423-3679

E-mail: info@itsumo.ca

Follow: @itsumolife







Saturday June 6th, 2020


279 East 6th Ave, Vancouver BC



  • Maximum 6 customers can be accommodated in the shop at any time. Please wait in line outside until our staff can welcome you in. 

  • Please maintain 2m distance while visiting ITSUMO.

  • We request all customers sanitize hands upon entry. We will provide hand sanitizer at our entrance. 

  • Masks are always welcome, but not mandatory at ITSUMO.

  • We encourage the use of Tap payment.

  • We kindly request customers who are experiencing or have recently experienced Covid symptoms to not visit the shop.



Online ordering is always available with In-Store Pick Up or Free Local Delivery. (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North & West Vancouver)


12PM – 6PM: Thursday – Saturday

12PM – 5PM: Sunday & Monday

Closed: Tuesday & Wednesday

Contact us:

Phone: 604-423-3679

E-mail: info@itsumo.ca

Follow: @itsumolife


Shipping for Mother’s Day Gift

Shipping for Mother’s Day Gift

Shipping for Mother’s Day Gift

With Mother’s Day coming up May 10th, we wanted to send out a quick note regarding shipping options to help make certain your gift arrives on time.


Canada Post is currently experiencing high volume and has warned of possible delivery delays. 

Our Standard Shipping option (free with $100 order) usually estimates 3-5 business days, but we are seeing delivery times expand to 8+ days, esp. for Eastern Canada orders.

US deliveries are currently taking 3-6 business days.


If you prefer to guarantee delivery before the big day, we do offer US/Canada expedited shipping options at Checkout, but we are encouraging anyone hoping to send a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day to try to get their order in as soon as possible. 

Orders completed after Wednesday April 29 run the risk of arriving late. 

We are also offering our ITSUMO Gift Wrapping option complimentary for Mother’s Day orders.


If you would like your ITSUMO order gift wrapped, please make a note at Checkout with the request and a short note for the gift card. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there from us at ITSUMO. We love you. Please stay healthy & safe! 

Free Local Delivery

Free Local Delivery

Free Local Delivery

ITSUMO Free Local Delivery Option Added to Online Shop

Dear Customers,

As ITSUMO is a small, locally owned & operated independent retailer, we continue to explore ways to provide assistance to our community & our customers. Any online order we receive in the coming weeks & months will help to keep our shop running over the longer term, with the hopes of reopening our doors just as soon as possible.

As we all adjust to the circumstance we now face together, we at ITSUMO recognize all of us have extremely difficult decisions to make, with unanticipated priorities to fulfill. In this regard we appreciate tremendously any support our local and online community is capable of offering ITSUMO under the current circumstances.

For our valued clients located in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and both North & West Vancouver, we have added an option to choose free local delivery for online orders of any amount. We hope to add more local municipalities moving forward.

If this delivery option works for you, please select it from the shipping options during checkout at ITSUMO shop online. Please provide us with a mobile telephone number to arrange, by text message, delivery right outside your residence.

All ITSUMO orders are being sanitized before and during the shipping process.

Our local delivery service will be operated independently by ITSUMO and will occur twice a week.

Please feel free to contact us (info@itsumo.ca) in advance if you have any questions or special requests.


We continue to offer Local Pickup, Canada Post shipping for all Canadian & International orders, and USPS delivery for our clients in the US.

As a benefit to our clients outside the local area, free standard shipping is available on orders valued over $100.


We hope all of the products we offer at our ITSUMO shop can help bring comfort and practicality to your home during this difficult period of isolation, and these troubling times still find you and your family safe & healthy.


All our love and gratitude,


Our Vancouver store temporarily closed.

Our Vancouver store temporarily closed.

Our Vancouver store temporarily closed.

As the situation in our community continues to intensify, we have decided to temporarily close our Vancouver ITSUMO shop. 

While this has been a difficult decision to make, with the fragility of our young business in mind, we do feel the interests of our community must come first.

We would like to offer our support to all independent entrepreneurs that have decided to keep their doors open during difficult times as this decision needs to be made on a case by case basis. Now is most definitely the time to find ways to support your local business community. The next several weeks will see economic hardship and loss of employment causing many favourite local shops and restaurants to permanently close their doors.


Our ITSUMO online store remains open as we continue to maximize efforts keeping our handmade products safe for you and your family.

We remain optimistic that together our community can win the immediate battle against this unseen spectre and resume full operation in the Spring. Until then please stay healthy and value the unscheduled time with immediate family and loved ones.


For any questions, please contact us via social cahnnels or at info@itsumo.ca

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