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Meguri on Bowen : Pop Up at Miki Tanaka Jewelry

Meguri on Bowen : Pop Up at Miki Tanaka Jewelry

We are excited to announce our ITSUMO seasonal Pop Up is back, this time on Bowen Island at jewelry designer Miki Tanaka’s beautiful atelier.

From August 8 – 18th, ITSUMO will be bringing a curated selection of Japanese glassware, tableware, vintage items and other household goods to Miki Tanaka’s jewelry atelier/gallery located in Artisan Square on Bowen Island, BC.

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MEGURI – the miracle of chance encounters

Please join us in celebrating the Summer season and a unique spiritual connection between Miki Tanaka Jewelry & ITSUMO.

Lifestyle Pop Up Shop

2019. 08.08 Thu – 08.18 Sun
Open 10am – 5pm

585 Prometheus Place, Bowen Island, British Columbia
(lower Artisan Square) 

MEGURI – the miracle of chance encounters

When the sun and moon happen to meet in the sky, a magical eclipse occurs; a special and beautiful instant in time is created by a momentary connection, a chance encounter at just the right moment between two entities following their own paths. 

This idea that chance encounters carry with them endless potential for joyful occasions, fortuitous connections and happy accidents is what led to the partnership between Miki Tanaka x ITSUMO.


Miki Tanaka jewelry presents a perfect compliment to the ITSUMO philosophy of cherishing people and objects that will endure through time.

The timeless nature of her designs make each piece ideal for passing down through generations, with carefully selected raw materials delicately hand finished to the highest quality.

After 18 years in New York, where she created her line in 2001, Miki now handcrafts her elegant metal jewelry out of her studio on Bowen Island, BC.


ITSUMO lifestyle goods present a perfect compliment to the high quality and delicate craftsmanship of Miki Tanaka jewelry. 

With a belief in products that are made by hand and from the heart, ITSUMO celebrates the quiet joy in daily routines with Japanese goods and crafts that become your essential tools for everyday life. Take pleasure in slowing down with items that are as beautiful as they are functional, and rediscover an essential connection to your home.

Cheese Board & Cheese Knife

Cheese Board & Cheese Knife

AZMAYA Cheese Board

The natural properties of cherry wood make this the ideal material for the Azmaya Cheese Board. Not only does cherry wood experience less warpage, but the natural oils contained within it make it less likely for the cheese to stick to the board. In addition to this, a walnut oil finish is used to help reduce warpage as well.

The design of the board encourages the sharing of food, with the addition of a handle making it easy to pass around the dining table, or from room to room. The shape of the board is cut to optimize the display of food, but it can also be used as a small cutting board in the kitchen or as a single wooden plate.

With such a variety of applications, this board makes an excellent addition to your kitchen or table, useful for both personal and social settings.

Cherry Wood, Walnut Oil Finish

Made in Japan

AZMAYA Cheese Knife

Lovely addition to any charcuterie plate, the Azmaya Cheese Knife features a brass handle and a double-edged blade made from stainless steel.

Made primarily for semi-hard cheeses, the high quality of the blade also makes it ideal for sausage and meats, fruits, vegetables and sweets. The width of the blade paired with the delicate design makes it a convenient choice for cutting items both in the kitchen and right at the dining table.

Over time, the brass handle will oxidize and develop a beautiful deep patina, adding even more elegance and individuality to your table.

Stainless Steel, Brass Handle

Made in Japan



UCHINO Super Marshmallow Towel – Beige

Like its name, this towel is even lighter than it looks and so soft you’d think it might melt. 

The miracle towel “Super Marshmallow” combines softness like marshmallows.  Made exclusively with the high-quality Grade 1 Xinjian extra-long staple cotton, this superior cotton is spun into superfine 60-count yearn. The fabric adheres closely to the skin for outstanding water absorbency (1 second) and wiping capability.

Uchino also insisted on combing the cotton when spinning the yarn to remove short fibres. Every towel feels astonishingly fluffy yet it has minimum fluff falls. 

Superb softness and lightness like feathers.

Also, excellent for babies and sensitive skin.

Cotton 100%



Do you live in Vancouver?

Are you planning to visit Vancouver?

If yes, please visit our favourite little local sweets shop/caféUsagi Sweets!

Our local pickup is also available at Usagi Sweets for all customers in or around the city of Vancouver BC at a free of charge for all online orders.


We are very excited to be teamed up with our good friends at Usagi Sweets.

Opened in December 2018, Usagi Sweets is a Japanese inspired sweets shop and café on Vancouver’s west side.

It’s begun as a true passion project of our good friend, Moeno, who is a daughter of Miju and Hiroshi Kawai, and a sister of Mitsumi. The Kawai family has many and diverse talents and hospitality from their successful restaurant businesses in town.

Moeno’s inspiration comes from her fond memories of going to confections stores called Wagashiyas in Japan as a child. Usagi carries small treats like “mochi mochi”; chewy, sweet goodies made with glutinous rice in various flavours, such as goma (sesame), cream-cheese, brownie, and nuts-and-cranberry, matcha brownies and all sorts of little bite-size cookies, such as hojicha (roasted green tea), matcha-espresso, matcha-milk. Several of the items are vegan, while drinks include Japanese tea and other herbal tea from Cultivate Tea. Usagi also offers a daily onigiri lunch set. A healthy and comforting combination of two onigiri (rice balls), two kinds of vegetables and a soy sauce-flavoured boiled egg.

Usagi means rabbit in Japanese, and the shop’s logo features a line drawing of a bunny inside a full moon.
“In Japanese lore, there’s a rabbit in the moon making mochi, rather than a man in the moon”, says Moeno. “I can actually see the rabbit’s ears and hind feet when I look up at a full moon on a bright night.”

The entire space is made cosy with her hand-made, crocheted bases for the table and chair stands. Moeno’s father did most of the woodwork in the 400-square-foot interior, and the wall shelving units and wooden table tops were beautifully designed and built with cherry wood by Vancouver’s furniture designer Jay Miron.

The retail shelves feature colourful coasters, tablecloths, and many other accessories handcrafted by Miju, Moeno’s mother. Now you can also find a curated selection of ITSUMO goods available for sale from ceramics, textiles, stationery, and many more.


A local pickup option can be selected at check out on our website. We will notify the earliest available pickup day immediately after confirmation on your order.  




Some animals that come to mind as the twelve zodiac signs are slightly different in China and Japan. This year it is a pig in China, and a boar in Japan. 

In the ear when twelve zodiac signs were transferred from China to Japan, since meat eating was not common in Japan, no habit of keeping livestock pigs existed. 

It is also said that wild boar meat for the Japanese at the time was a symbol of a disease-free, cure for all kind of illness. Now Wild Boar symbolizes courage and adventure. 

In China, it seems that it was distinguished early on as they were raising as livestock for a long time. Pigs are known to be auspicious animals. 

May the Year of the Pig (Boar) bring you good fortune and lots of Happiness!



Thank you so much!

Always nice to come back to the lovely neighbourhood of Strathcona for our seasonal Pop-up Shop.

We would like to thank all of you who came by and shared your amazing stories, experiences, and warm celebration of the holiday season with us.

We were very lucky to have so many sunny days and the fresh winter air this time. So many cute dogs visited and entertained us every day too.

Hope all your holidays were filled with joy and happiness.

 Till next time…..



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